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20 Ways To Find Your Calling – Forbes

Find Your CallingIf you have made it to 2014 and you are STILL not clear on what you were meant to do with your life, you’re not alone.

I was an admin assistant for 7 years before I discovered PR as the perfect profession for me, but then it was still another 8 years before I heard my calling to change the world…I’ll be sharing more about that in my upcoming Pulitzer Prize winning article 😉

Unfortunately, some are still navigating jobs and cities and friends and hobbies in search for the best way to use their gifts and talents to serve the greater good. If that sounds like you, Forbes contributor, Jessica Hagy shares 20 ways that you can find your calling.

You can read about it here and then come back and share your calling if you found it or what tools and resources did you use to guide you to your ultimate path?

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