3 Uses For Chinoiserie Patterns

Every now and then I come across some gorgeous patterns and textures and see the many different ways in which they can be used. Chinoiserie by TSTUDIO is just one pattern, but with any pattern, it’s easy to see a variety of uses for it in your own brand and graphic design; arts, crafts or decor. For this blog, I’m sharing examples specifically for graphic design, but there’s a chance you may walk away with some design ideas of your own.

1. Clipping Masks

One thing I love to do with patterns and textures is to use them as clipping masks within text. If you like this style too, I must warn you to proceed with caution not all patterns were created to fill text and unless you are a professional graphic designer (which I’m not) you should use it sparingly.

2. Frames & Borders

If you’re creating a quote box or some message and your canvas seems bland and boring, throw a fancy frame on it! You would be surprised what a difference a simple frame can make.

3. Decor & Crafts

This idea was completely out of the box for me until I saw it. It’s the perfect way to add some brilliance to a room or to customize your own gift wrapping. Patterns and textures were created for us to customize, so why not go wild and add your own special touch to any designed item.

What other ways can you think of to use patterns and textures creatively?

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