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4 Ways To Get Publicity On A Budget [Entrepreneur]

It’s true that when it comes to generating publicity for your business, the media opportunities usually go to the popular and more resourceful brands. That doesn’t mean that startup brands don’t stand a chance. There are still a few ways for new brands to get the exposure they need with little to no budget.

Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and CEO of Bode Tree, Chris Myers says: “we’re still a relatively small company focused on the relatively unsexy small-business space.  No one on my team has a background in media, and we’re located in Denver instead of a media hub like New York.  Still, we’ve managed to gain coverage in big-name publications.”

So how did Chris and his team earn big publicity for their small company and how can you do it too? Chris says we simply need to follow these four steps:

  1. Get radical for media attention: These are not Chris’ exact words, but he advises we make an all-out grab for media attention; doing whatever we need to do (within a limit) to get the media’s attention. One suggestion is to pick a bone or throw mud on an established icon. Risky. But it just might work.
  2. Make the media love you: How? By being a great source for the topics and subjects they cover and don’t be afraid to offer up story ideas, even if your brand won’t be included in the story. I always say, when it comes to the media, take an interest in them and they will take an interest in you.
  3. Write your own story: deliver value by way of content that will position you as an expert but does not necessarily have a direct focus on your product or service. Human interest stories achieve this very well as they focus on an individual circumstance that can still tie in with your brand or industry.
  4. Become a missionary with a message: In other words, don’t stop pursuing the media until your message is heard. You’ll face a lot of rejection, but there’s also a whole lot of media out there to reach out to. And don’t leave out the little guys. Sometimes big media outlets turn to smaller outlets for local news so stack up your media list with all types and sizes of outlets and keep delivering your message (in as many different angles as necessary) until you get a bite . . . then move on to the next message. Just keep going!

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