Dear Oprah: A Thank You Letter

On Monday, I kicked off the week by acknowledging Business Women’s Week on Instagram. Although I had plans to do a 7-part blog series on business women I admire, I got realistic about the time I had available and narrowed the choices down to my one and only virtual mentor: Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

Happy Business Women’s Week! This occasion, celebrated since 1928 by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, is an opportunity to recognize and highlight the progress women have made as business owners and entrepreneurs. When I was thinking about blogs for this week, I wanted to highlight seven women who have motivated me in business, but I could only think of three. Then just before I started writing this post, I decided to be real with myself and go with the one I have always had my eye on; who represents the top of my mountain in terms of career aspirations and her name is @oprah. It may be hard to believe because I don’t flood my social media with her name and images, I don’t keep up with her shows or magazine and I barely visit her website or Instagram. Instead, her story and success are the blue print to my goals and I only need to remember her achievements to take me through my own entrepreneurial journey. Until now I have been reserved with my thoughts on how I REALLY feel about her and I will share them all in my “Dear Oprah” this Friday on

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So now as promised, here is my letter to Oprah, but I went the video route because I know Oprah is busy and I tend to write at length. At least she will be able to take in my thank you in a few minutes and still have time to run her empire.

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