FBI STYLE Editor’s Note SS18

It was bold of me to decide to stay in a city with little to no family to take care of me after I was diagnosed with breast
cancer in October 2017 and it was even more bold of me to pursue my goal of landing a job or a major opportunity, while starting this magazine, when I didn’t know how I would respond to chemotherapy.

The beautiful (and divine) thing is that I escaped chemotherapy after learning that my diagnosis was actually at stage 4 and because there is no cure, most doctors will not put you through the pain and suffering of chemotherapy. Even though I am currently living with a metastatic disease, this diagnosis is a blessing because it’s given me incentive to be more loving to me, through healthy eating and exercise. I’ve been given a wake-up call and I’ve been given a new perspective on life. It’s no longer a struggle to do the right thing: I want to eat better, I want fitness, I want my happiness and above all, I want God. My soul is renewed and I am on the path to redemption, which fuels my confidence about who I am and where I want to be.

This issue is dedicated to anyone who needs to take bold action towards the life they want. It’s dedicated to anyone seeking beauty in ugly situations and especially to those who could use a stroke of confidence to love and embrace who they are and be everything they ever wanted to be.

To all my soon-to-be bold, beautiful and confident readers. This issue is for you.

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