Get The Look: Welcome To The Jungle

Finally! The warm weather is here which means it’s time to show those arms and set those sexy legs free from long pants and stockings.

Today’s look was inspired by the Christopher Kane Rose Motif Clutch, shown in the image below. If you got it like that, you can purchase this entire outfit for approximately $3,650 CAD. If not, keep scrolling for a similar outfit of the day for way less. Here are details on the original:

Welcome to the Jungle



So here’s the thing, fashion is great, but you can always and should always create your own style. Obviously, the style I recreated here is not the same as the Polyvore set, but adding a touch of your own personal style and keeping your eyes and your mind open to a wider variety of options could save you some money and have you setting some trends of your own. Here is a similar look that is just as chic and classy without breaking the bank.

Tom’s Ware Women’s Classic Slim Fit Sleeveless Midi Dress

REINDEAR Metal Black Gold Belt Waistband with Chain

Baofashion Women’s Rose Print Clutch Elegant Shoulder Bag

Carrano Darla Woven Leather Stitched Pump

Flowertree Women’s S9530 Leaf Detail Oval Oversized 58mm Sunglasses

Annodized Aluminum Lime Green Lily Pad Earrings By John Brana Handmade Jewelry Durable Anodized Aluminum

BOCAR Aquamarine Seed Beads Antique Gold Multilayer Statement Collar Necklace

Fashion Trendy Bracelet & Ring Set for Women


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