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Get Your Degree In Self-Love

In 2011, Dove reported that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful which leaves me in shock because if 96% of women don’t think they’re beautiful, what affect does that have on their self-esteem and love for themselves?

I believe that loving yourself is more than just thinking you’re beautiful, it’s the care and respect that you give to yourself and the responsibility that you take for yourself as well but not many know where to begin when it comes to the self-love journey. That’s why I’m so happy to spread the news about Chivon John’s Self-Love Academy running from Feb. 3-13, 2014 and it’s free and it’s online!

Chivon John is the founder of ChivonJohn.com a wellness brand devoted to empowering individuals to be fully engaged in their life, health and business. Chivon will be joined by 12 other self-love advocates in this 10-day, guilt-free self-love immersion as they share unique strategies, rituals and tips that will help you rid yourself of negative self-talk and self-sabotage, and start dominating like a ROCKSTAR in your life, health, and business.

Self-love academy Profs

Chivon believes that amazing things can happen in your life but it first starts with acknowledging that you’re worth it and it can all start for you with this highly anticipated event.

You can find more details at http://selflove-academy.com and then register today for free!


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  1. Sandra thank you so much for spreading the word about Self-Love Academy! It is a movement that I’m very passionate about and I hope to create another version of this for teens! Thanks again for participating and sharing my vision!