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How To Live Life As A Champion

If you want to be the best at something, you have to be ready, willing and able to make a sacrifice for it. Ask yourself: what are you willing to pay to achieve what you want to achieve? If you want a successful business, how many hours a day are you willing to put in, how much money are you willing to invest, how many sales calls are you ready to make, how many networking events are you able to attend and so on? You set the price of what you want to pay and then pay it. No matter what. Even if it causes you suffering.

Just recently, I agreed to pay a daily message of inspiration and motivation on my blog so that I could help move people to success in their life and business and when I became sick on my blogging day, it took everything in me to hold my head up enough to be able to write a clear and impacting message. Was I suffering? Yes! But I agreed to this payment and wasn’t prepared to break the promise I made, even if it was going to kill me.

Champions go through a lot of training when their sick, injured, going through a tough life circumstance or worse. What keeps them going is their focus on the outcome and knowing that their short-term sacrifice will produce a long-term gain.


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