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How To Reach The Millennial Women Online

According to research from SheKnows and Harris Interactive, 79% of women ages 25 to 54 used Facebook regularly, compared with a  35% who said they regularly visited YouTube, 30% who said the same of Pinterest, 22% for Twitter, and just 13% for Instagram.

Millennial women tend to follow more brands than their older counterparts and these younger women were also most likely to say they cared about getting feedback on the social content they produced themselves.

“Women are really using social networks to help build their identities,” said Samantha Skey, chief revenue officer at SheKnows. “They’re looking for feedback and validation—concepts that extend from the personal to the commercial, as women post not only photos and status updates about their kids, but also questions and suggestions about products and services.”

So now that we know where they are and what they want, how do we get their attention? Get engaged! And no you do not have to run out to Tiffany’s to get a shiny diamond ring.

Engaging online simply means that you interact with their content, so instead of pushing your own products and services in their face all the time, you need to have a look at what they’re sharing and ‘Like’, comment and share whatever relevant content you come across with your network. It’s all about standing out in the crowd to get noticed. I’m sure you always notice when someone ‘Likes’, comments or shares your Facebook posts so it works the same way.

Ultimately, you want to capture her attention enough to get her to visit your page and hopefully, if she is seeking services like yours, then you will be top of mind. But again, you don’t want to overdo it. If you sell fashion, don’t go crazy ‘Liking’ and sharing all her vacation and family pictures, instead, when she shares an image with a nice ensemble you can ‘Like’, share and comment on it. Maybe even profile her as ‘best dressed pic of the day’.

As the research shows, women share a lot of content to build their identities so the more you can help them do that, the more likely they are to notice you.

Read eMarketers report on Women Up Time Spent on Social Platforms for more info.

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