How to Style Your Outfit of the Day

You just bought the perfect dress but it needs a little umph. My outfit of the day style guide is sure to help you accessorize any outfit and take it from glam to SHAZAAM!

My very first rule of thumb is to release your fears and let your imagination run wild.

Forget what you heard about: “those colour’s don’t go together,” or “that dress material doesn’t fit with that leather handbag,” or “those shoes aren’t classy enough.” Even though, you may hear me say those things from time-to-time, the one truth I know about style is to each his own.

Style has more to do with a level of comfort combined with what suits your personality, body type and preferences and frankly, it’s nobody’s business, not even mine.

That being said, there are a lot of you who are open to support when it comes to styling so here is my quick run down of some key things to keep in mind when you’re ready to achieve an all around style that you’ll love.


If the dress is dark, lighten up! If the dress is light, lighten up even more!! Nothing says style like colours and the brighter the better in my book. It’s a good idea to start with a dark base if you are not the colourful type and throw in one or two accent colours you love.


This is where you can get playful. Elegant jewels can really dress up an outfit. Things like diamonds, rubies and emerald just scream classy. But if you prefer bohemian, handmade, material or beaded jewelry then there’s a place in the style books for you too. The key is consistency, mixing elegant and toned-down jewelry can be awkward if you don’t know what you’re doing. Choose one style and rock it throughout.


Notice I didn’t say clutches or purses. Those can be too small at times and often fade into the background of your outfit. Handbags on the other hand are right in your face and can’t be missed. Big and bold is my motto when it comes to handbags. Bright and eccentric colours, patterns and material will add the right amount of pop to your look.


Again, this is not the place to hold back and just like handbags, the bolder the better. Heels or wedges bring an element of style to any…and I mean any outfit: jogging suits, army getup, capri’s and dresses alike fall in line when heels are part of the outfit. Suddenly, your glam look goes from toe to head and your shoes become the focal point of your style.


Bracelets, wrist bands or cuffs, belts and chapeau’s are equally great style add-ons, but can easily become the extra that is not necessary and can throw the whole outfit off. Proceed with caution as you add more items to your look and get feedback from a fashionable friend if you’re not sure.

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What other style tips do you have for SG readers? Share with us in the comments below.

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