My 2021 Valentines Day Plans [VLOG]

Valentines Day is the perfect occasion for singles to soak up all that me-time and engage in those things they likely won’t do much of once that significant other comes along (and not to mention children). My Valentine’s Day plans don’t usually involve more than a screen and some food but in an effort to be more intentional with this special day, I’ve come up with a few activities where this single gal could indulge in some loving actions towards myself.

These activities include:

  • Time with God – Although this is something I do daily, it would be great to spend a little extra time in praise and worship and letting him know how much I really appreciate all he’s done for me.
  • Praying for my husband – I absolutely believe there is someone out there for me so why wouldn’t I say a prayer for him? Especially since I know he is not with the woman for him, if at all, so he’ll likely need a prayer. ?
  • Enjoy my me-time – It’s not something I acknowledge on a regular basis so just being able to relish in the fact that all my time is my own and using it to spend time reading or writing is something I am really looking forward to.
  • Self-love/care – A little pampering never hurt anybody. A mani/pedi, face mask or some #hairlove sounds like just what the doctor ordered.
  • Check-in on my single ladies – Surely I have a friend or two I can call and let them know I love them, how awesome would that be and I know it will leave my heart feeling full.

Here’s my video on some of the top 2021 Valentine’s Day plans for singles.


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