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Sandra Gabriel Goes International!

In December 2013, I decided to pilot a new consulting service where I can give clients a quick run down of branding, publicity and social media tactics to help them achieve their marketing goals.

I’m happy to report that the pilot has been a success! I have consulted with more than 20 new brands in one month from all corners of the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Australia and the feedback has been promising:

Thank you …. you went above and beyond my expectations!!!

~www.kybelevirginhair.com, Atlanta, GA

Awesome feedback, even better turn around. I look forward to working with you in the future.

~www.myelevatorproject.com, New York, NY

Very detail. Thanks Just what i needed!

~www.2menz.com, Singapore

This was a great consult. Not only was the advice good, it was clear, concise and insightful. And it did make me think about something that I hadn’t before. It was something so critical that I’m shocked I hadn’t thought of it before and that I hadn’t heard this advice from other consultants before.

~www.drantoniam.com, New York, NY

Great advice, will use again!

~www.mylivechannel.com, England, UK

To make things even better, after months of digging, I was finally able to dig up geographical stats for one client I’ve been working with for almost 2 years and found that their brand has received over 100,000 views in 177 countries!! That is outstanding news and I’m looking forward to helping more clients do the same.

Such great news to start the year but it has only made me more curious to find out what other brands are trying to achieve this year, next year, in 5 years whatever. Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Wow, super excited for you Sandra Gabriel. I see you doing really big things in the future and really helping people take their brand to the next level. You are an awesome women.