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Sandra Gabriel Moving Away From Web Development

SandraPR-HeadshotToronto, ON (January 3, 2014)–Sandra Gabriel, Chief Relationship Officer at Gabriel PR formally announces that she is no longer developing websites.

“There comes a time in one’s career when it’s time to move on to new challenges,” says Gabriel. “I feel like I’ve gotten as far as I can go with web development and now I need to switch focus,” she adds.

Web development makes up about 80-90% of Gabriel PR’s business, but Gabriel shares that the business is not letting go of web development entirely.

“I will still offer web development as a service under Gabriel PR and I have a great design and development team that is ready and waiting to work with clients, but it will not be ME in the backend installing plugins or troubleshooting glitches, and messing with HTML or PHPcode anymore,” Gabriel comments. “Taking on web development myself has allowed me to create websites for clients at a cost way below what they would normally pay for a website, but it’s very time-consuming, especially when you run into problems and have to figure them out. I will however, continue to work between the client and the team to build websites as part of their overall brand package,” she says.

As a result, new web development clients can expect to pay regular price for a new website which can range anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 for a startup or small business and go as high as $7k-$10k for mid-size businesses and corporations.

Gabriel started building websites almost 10 years ago using platforms like Wix andDreamweaver. She recalls learning HTML and CSS and building the first Gabriel PR site virtually overnight.

“Building websites got much easier when I learned about WordPress and I have only worked on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) over the past 3 or 4 years,” she comments. “The problem, however, is not only is it time-consuming, but it keeps me inside and behind my desk and as a PR professional, I need to be out and about connecting and networking with people.”

Gabriel plans to dedicate more time to improving her media connections, seeking out speaking opportunities, developing training programs and traveling around the US to offer small group consultations on branding, social media and public relations. She will be completing her last web development projects in January 2014.

About Gabriel PR

Gabriel PR is a boutique Public Relations & Communications agency founded by Sandra Gabriel, Brand Stylist, Communication Specialist & PR Pro. With our team of designers, developers and specialists, we help clients in Canada and the USA to build their brand and make an impression using BrandingSocial Media Marketing and Publicity strategies and tactics.

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