The 2020 PickUp Lines Women Can’t Resist

Hey fellas!

It’s 2020. Another Valentines Day has gone by and you spent it all alone. Despite your best efforts, you were not able to snag that beautiful Valentine who was going to change your world.

I know what the problem is. Your approach was all wrong. You probably thought the traditional dinner invite, or nice gifts or flirty interactions were going to take things to the next level, but it’s 2020!

In an age where the world is changing so rapidly, people are so busy and the cost of living is through the roof, you need to come from a different angle she was never expecting that would provide a solution to her problems and oddly enough, the solution is cased in the undying art of the pickup line.

Instead of: “Can I buy you dinner?” ask: “Can I buy you a tank of gas?”

Why this works: You spend less time and money than you would on a decent dinner with drinks (even if she drives an SUV). She gets a full tank of gas and by having one less thing to worry about, she can use that headspace to think about you, especially when she’s out and about and her gas gauge is on ‘F’. Score!

Instead of: “Let me buy you a cup of coffee.” Say: “Let me get your utilities this month.”

Why this works: Again, it’s one less thing for her to worry about. You’ll be on her mind every time she turns on a light or takes a hot shower and with the money she is saving, she may turn around and want to buy YOU a cup of coffee. Of course, the costs don’t measure up but think of it as a worthy investment with a loving return.

Instead of: “I got you some flowers.” Say: “I got you a hookup that will save you some money.”

Why this works: Who doesn’t want to save some money? This economy is so cutthroat that if you can help me save $10 here or $20 there or more, you have just made my day.

Instead of: “I arranged a weekend getaway for us.” Say: “I arranged for a virtual assistant to help you out this week with your business.”

Why this works: If the lady you have your eye on is an entrepreneur and she just hasn’t found the time to get some help then this will be the pickup line to blow all other pickup lines out of the water. First of all, you’re making an investment in her business which means you’re making an investment in her, which is a huge demonstration of your support. Secondly, with a little free time on her hands and all the good feels that come with that, there’s a big chance, she’ll be wanting to spend some (or all) of that free time with the one her liberated her.

Of course, these are bold efforts to win a woman’s affections but what have you got to lose. I dare you to try it and see if you don’t have a different Valentine’s story to tell next year.

Feel free to let me know how it goes in the comments 🙂

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