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Why I’m Always Going to Practice Public Relations

There are a lot of functions in the world of Public Relations, but the part I love the most is using my gift of writing to tell stories. Along my PR journey, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work and walk with she-warriors; women who have lived through depression, bullying, rape, abortion, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness and poverty and being held at gun point. I have literally shed tears over their heart breaking stories and I can not fathom the thought of having to live through any one of those experiences; where many of these women have had to live through 2 or more at a time.

Their strength, courage and resiliency are a blessing that touched my life and the lives of many others and they inspire me to face whatever challenges come my way with patience, grace and gratitude. I firmly believe that I have been positioned to share their stories in an effort to instill hope and faith in the hearts and minds of those who sometimes feel like there is no hope and no way out of their circumstance but these she-warriors and their example of endurance will encourage you and remind you that you can bounce back, but only if you so choose.

So far this year I am honored to represent 3 women who have risen up against the odds and transformed their lives and they aim to inspire and motivate the world to do the same.

This month you’ll meet Jemila Jackson, Social Worker, Counsellor, Executive Producer and Host of I’m Still Standing, a 5 part docu-series that features 5 incredible women and their survival stories. The docu-series kicks off on Jan. 21, 2016 at 7pm EST on YouTube.com/JemilaJackson. Find the complete season schedule at www.imstillstandingseries.com

In February, 2016 I’ll introduce you to Ava Eagle Brown, transformation coach, speaker and author of Bamboo & Fern, a memoir of Ava’s humble beginnings in Jamaica where she lived in poverty and was sexually abused by her father, to her move up to London, England where she learned the harsh realities of adjusting to a new country as a single parent and making sacrifices for survival. You can find more on Ava at www.avabrown.org

In March 2016, Simone Walsh will step on the scene with the official launch event of her first book: Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart. A poetical memoir written after her struggle with depression and a guide on escaping the darkness and finding your way back into the light of life. Those in the Toronto area can attend the book launch on March 12, 2016 at the Toronto Hilton Airport Hotel. RSVP is mandatory. More info on www.simonemoniewalsh.com

If you or someone you know needs the inspiration, motivation or some encouragement to boldly walk through the fire, then I suggest you find, follow and support these women on their mission to deliver hope and faith to those in need. You can also join my guest list to be invited to sponsor or partner with these women in their mission.

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