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Defining the Role of a Serial Entrepreneur

If you are multi-talented, serial entrepreneur who gets asked time and again what you do, chances are you tend to over explain yourself and it gets boring or even confusing to whoever has asked.

Thankfully, I came across a great resource to help you get clear on what you do and be able to explain it to others so that they understand. Betty Means Business shared an eBook this week with scripts not just to help you write what you do but also request referrals and testimonials.

www.bettymeansbusiness.com is a site for women consultants and coaches that believes in challenging outdated ideals and rules about womanhood, work and success.

Check out the eBook here: Betty+Means+Business+3+done+for+you+scripts

Once you got your role defined, come on back and share it in the comments section below.

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