How To Keep Sponsors Happy Before & After An Event [Biz Bash]

Congratulations! You’ve created an astounding sponsorship package and got one or more sponsors on board, but this is actually where the real work begins.

Sponsors want to know that you have thought above and beyond the scope of their brand and prepared a program that will help them win clients/customers and brand exposure.

Biz Bash contributor Jenny Berg says:

Years ago, putting a sponsor’s logo on an event program or banner may have been considered adequate acknowledgement for a company’s involvement in an event. But with the advent of the digital age—and a new frontier of customized sponsorship packages—everything has changed.

Click here to read Berg’s checklist on 9 ways to keep sponsors happy before and after an event.

In summary:

  1. Cater to your sponsors needs
  2. Know your sponsors intimately
  3. Integrate sponsors into your event as uniquely as possible
  4. Don’t forget to use digital tactics
  5. Provide on-site perks to sponsors
  6. Connect sponsors with key contacts and influencers
  7. Manage sponsor expectations
  8. Follow-up with post event materials and updates, performance results, etc.
  9. Send a custom thank you gift or note

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