My Growing Relationship With Saks Fifth Avenue

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You may have seen in passing that Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the major fashion brands in my network, but earlier this month, I found yet another way to deepen my relationship with them through affiliation.


Just to give you a little background, I embarked on the road of affiliate marketing some years ago through Shareasale and I didn’t revisit it until recently. In my exploration I discovered VigLink that allows you to create affiliate links for almost any product or service you can find online.

This was of course an amazing discovery for my affiliate marketing pursuits and my very first search was to see if I can convert links from Saks to affiliate links and eurka! I was in.

Why Saks?

The short story of why I chose Saks; I love their branding. The logo alone speaks to class and luxury. The in-store experience is enough to make you feel like you done crossed over. When your interaction with a brand converts from being a place to being a feeling or an experience, that’s a brand worth affiliating with.

How Our Relationship Works

Like with any affiliate relationship, when you see me share a link to an item on the Saks website, you can almost guarantee it will be an affiliate link, which means I get paid a commission when you shop. That is overall how affiliate marketing works and my goal is to be able to share affiliate links for the brands and products that I love and not just affiliations to make money.

More Saks

You might have also noticed the ad for Saks on my blog and also in my magazine. These are all ways that I am playing-out my fantasized relationship with them…not to mention, connecting with almost 50 people who work in Saks stores and offices.

Living A Dream

I am a strong believer that if you want something in this life, you have to just go for it. Stop waiting for permission and just do it. In this way, you are creating the energy and space for that which you desire and you may just end up meeting or exceeding your dreams.

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