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My New Obsession With Black Women In Business

In January 2014, I published a blog about Why Black Women Need To Mind Their Own Business and it refers to a report about the state of women of colour in America and it highlights a lot of facts and figures that will have anyone believing that women of colour have the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs, health, education, politics and more. But there is a ray of hope for women of colour in entrepreneurship, especially Black women. In fact, businesses owned by African-American women are the fastest growing among majority women-owned firms and are the fastest growing segment of the women-owned business market and are starting up at six times the national average, but do we know these firms? Have we seen their ads? Have we seen their founders promoted in a way that highlights their business success and expertise? Are you more familiar with Beyonce’s latest album or her day-to-day business operations?

Today, it’s more important than ever that we promote Black entrepreneurs because the next generation is falling between the cracks and they need us to demonstrate success in lucrative careers other than the sports and entertainment industry. If you look at celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus we can see that these industries don’t always have a positive effect and influence on children. We need to broaden their minds about the opportunities that await them in other areas of business, especially in industries like technology and communications.

The reason why my emphasis is on Black women, is not only because I am a Black woman, but women and girls in general have so much power and can achieve so much with a little focus and support as is evidenced in the women of colour report. Since I have dedicated more time to making connections and building relationships I have found hundreds of Black women doing all kinds of business from PR & Communications to running their own law firms to life and financial coaching and so much more and I am going to promote them, right here on sandragabriel.com.

Sure, I am just one blog and I don’t yet have millions of followers and subscribers, but if I can share one story, that will inspire one girl, then I’ve done my job. God gave me gifts, skills and talents in communication and writing and I’m going to use those gifts to promote the work of my sisters in business. I hope you’ll come back and read about all the great programs and initiatives that are being launched by Black women almost every day.

If you are a Black woman in business, feel free to share what you have going on in the comments below and maybe you can be featured too!

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