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Next Level Branding Part I: Let Your Passion Be Your Guide

Next Level Branding ISo you’ve got a brand; a logo, an image a message, a product, service or event that hundreds and even thousands of people support, but you know, deep down inside, that there is so much more that you want to do and so much more that you want to give. Your passion is finally aligning with your purpose; you’re putting in your time and energy; you have the focus and the ambition and all you want to do is make a difference. Make a difference in your community, make a difference in your family, make a difference in yourself; all to touch people’s lives and make your mark in this world.

But how do you do that? How do you get people’s attention and get them to notice what you’re doing? How do you get people to hear your message and share it? How do you get people to change their minds and support you and your cause for the greater good?

I can tell you that it does NOT start with your brand and it does NOT happen over night. For what you want to achieve, you have to live, breath, eat and sleep, bleed, sweat and cry for your passion for years before you begin to see some results. You have to be hungry for it; so much so that you can’t fall asleep or wake up without thinking about it. It becomes your world and it’s all you know.

Leading with passion is how you put yourself out there and do what you were meant to do. ~John Jantsch

It’s important to check-in with yourself and ask if what you’re doing is really what you want to do. If what you believe to be your passion does not line up with who you are and what your needs are, then you are not in alignment with your purpose. I urge you to spend the next couple of days rethinking your brand and your value and share it others (who know you well) to get their thoughts and feedback.

Brainstorming is a good practice to help get your ideas out. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What did you dream of doing when you were a kid that others made you feel that you couldn’t do?
  2. What types of books and movies inspire you?
  3. What things do you enjoy doing that make you feel good?
  4. How would your friends/loved one’s describe you?
  5. What kind of contribution would you like to make in your community, society, the world?
  6. If I didn’t care what anyone thought, I would . . .
  7. If I knew my parents would never find out, I’d . . .
  8. If I could be sure I’d do it right, I would . . .

Our friends at www.oprah.com shared The Passion Hexagon with some questions to get your thoughts and ideas going about your passion, but it’s also a good place to start if you want to re-evaluate where your brand is now and where you want to take it in the future.

Once you know, in your heart of hearts, what your passion is, then it’s time to develop (or re-develop) your brand. You may have already started building it, but next level branding requires a return to the drawing board to assure that it lines up with the values, beliefs and desires of those people you want to connect with.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for Part II of Next Level Branding: Getting Your Brand Name Out There.

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