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Becoming Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind

I know I preach a lot about changing your mind so you can live a better and more fulfilled life, so this is just me preaching it again, but from a different angle 🙂

Consider this . . .

The spirit of your mind, is the spirit gifted you by God and it’s the same spirit that you hear whispering what you should and shouldn’t do whenever you are faced with a decision.

Many of us ignore the whispers on the journey of our growth and prosperity, but as we continue on our path, we hear that voice grow louder and louder until it can’t be ignored and at this point, if you haven’t listened already, then you know it’s about that time. After a while the spirit stops talking and starts showing, and that’s usually around the time when everything is falling apart.

If you pay more attention to the messages and guidance being delivered to you and through you, you will begin to see a NEW you emerge and 99% of the time, it’s the YOU that you always knew lived inside of you 😉

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