How The Wealthy Get (And Stay) Wealthy

habits-worlds-wealthiest-RoutinesDo you have a routine? If so, you could be well on your way to a wealthy life, but if not then maybe now is the time to think about how you can systematize your days for maximum productivity and results.

An infographic developed by social-media marketing company NowSourcing details some of the qualities and traits shared by the rich (we’re talking those who earn more than $160,000 a year and have $3.2 million in assets). If you want to take a page out of Bill Gates’ playbook, wake up early, exercise, read more (definitely cut back on your reality TV intake) and write a daily to-do list.

One of the wealthy people traits that stuck out for me is having a routine. If you’re like me, then the very idea of a routine bores you almost to death and you constantly need to switch things up or you are always looking for ways to keep things fresh, new and interesting, but what I have learned in the last few months alone is that routines are necessary. Taking out the garbage or cleaning your home is not always fun (for most people anyway) but it’s a necessity of life if you want to live in a clean, fresh smelling home.

If you find yourself struggling to lose weight, write a book, have a steady stream of incoming clients or building your online following, I challenge you to implement a routine to achieve your goal and see if it doesn’t make a difference. The trick is that you have to keep doing it, even when you see it’s not making a difference. Anything done constantly and consistently over time is bound to produce some result. You  just have to be patient and have faith.

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