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Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Your Life

There was a time when I would let myself get worried over things that were either out of my control or already taken care of. It wasn’t until I began to let myself trust that God was going to take care of my needs, that a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I knew that if there was something I needed like food or clothing or a roof over my head, God was going to make sure I had it and I knew He would do this because He has never failed to show me how much He loves me, so I had no reason to believe that He would suddenly let my needs go unfulfilled, but more importantly, I had to learn to stop seeing my needs as the biggest problems in the world, because the reality is, they don’t compare to the problems a lot of people are facing on a daily basis.

I want to challenge you to let go and God. Stop worrying or stop trying to control situations that are out of your hands and that are really not very important. Try it today! What is something you have been worrying about that you can’t control? I dare you to give it up and think about how it can be worse and then be grateful that it’s not that bad. Show God that you know He knows what you need and trust Him to take care of it. Then thank Him that your situation is not as bad as it could be and for providing for your every need.

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