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How To Have Confidence In Hard Work

I know you’ve been working your butt off and that it seems like you’re not seeing anything come of it, but one important lesson I learned is that the journey is so much more important and holds so much more for you than the destination.

You should rejoice in the work that you’re doing and be satisfied that you make small accomplishments each day to being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live.

As the rule goes, what you put out or invest, comes back to you ten fold. You just have to keep going and don’t waiver, whether or not  you see the rewards. God works on His time and not yours. He knows when you’re ready for your blessing and when you need more time. Trust and have confidence in Him that he’s guiding your life on the best and most righteous path for you.

Work hard. Keep going. Don’t stop.

Be Strong

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