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Media Communications 101: When And How To Talk With The Media

If you’ve ventured into the world of PR and you’re looking for ways to communicate with the media, you may have gotten confused about when to use a press release or press kit or a media invite.

I’ve compiled this quick guide on the different types of media communications and the best time to use them. Also, if you keep reading, you’ll find a free download of media communications templates and samples.

Press Release

A press release is used to share an announcement about your brand or any relevant news in your industry or market that ties back to your company. Put in your best effort to make sure it’s newsworthy and relevant to the media’s audience. Include stats, facts and comments from relevant sources where possible and share it with the appropriate media according to the subject you are writing about i.e. fashion news to fashion writers/journalists, technology news to technology journalists, etc.

News Release

Many PR pro’s (including myself) use press release and news release interchangeably. It is essentially the same thing, but the difference to me is that you send anything news worthy in a press release to the media but if you are shamelessly plugging a new product or service, you write a news release and send it to your network of contacts.

Press/Media Kit

If your news or announcement is lengthy, it’s better to break it down into several parts and create a press kit. Each part of the announcement can have its own page. Don’t forget to include a bio and you can add things like your partnerships and affiliations, company milestones and any previous media coverage you have earned.

Media Pitch

Write a pitch letter if you have an idea for a TV or radio segment. I also use pitches to introduce new clients to the media. I usually keep it short and include story ideas that can be evolved into a full length article or TV/radio interview.

Media Invite

Send a media invite or media alert when you want the media to attend your event or press conference. A media invite is very much to the point and includes specifically the who, what, where, when and why of your event.


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