Let My People Go: An Open Letter to Corporate Leaders

Dear Corporate Leaders,

Within your walls is a woman; let’s call her Jenna. Jenna is one of your top managers, she leads her team really well and her department has exceeded expectations for the last quarter. Jenna is not consistent, however. For the most part, her performance fluctuates quite steadily but it’s just good enough to maintain her current role. Jenna is a loyal employee but she is unhappy and unfulfilled. You can sense her dissatisfaction and while it might make sense not to ‘rock the boat’ did you know that Jenna has the ability to grow your organization above and beyond what she has ever done?

Changing Times

We are living in a time where financial security and benefits, are not enough. Let’s be honest, financial security and benefits become a lot less secure and beneficial when recession time comes around and today, people are prioritizing their health and living by taking time for themselves, traveling, practicing good health and wellness, spending time with family and finding ways to integrate their life and work to create balance.

The cohesion of  the fabric of our society depends on the health and happiness of its people. The organization that knows, supports and encourages this is going to be the thriving organization of the future. On the other hand, David Rose, the CEO of Gust, thinks that “any business built to succeed in the 20th century is destined to fail in the 21st.” *

Revolutionary Business Practices

It’s a given that organizations must begin the shift from a traditional business model and start to adopt revolutionary practices that focus on their people and the potential gain that could be had by investing in the wealth of creative and ideas that are sitting in the cubicle down the hall.

What would happen if you created the space and time to allow that individual to discover and explore their gifts, talents, purpose and passion? What if you went so far as to take the risk to invest your own time to mentor them or if a portion of your company funds were dedicated to getting their ideas off the ground? What if that small investment of time or money, resulted in a 200% return on your investment? Wouldn’t it be worth it?

How To Let My People Go

My plea to you today is not about firing your employees or opening the door for them to quit, but yet to let them go in the spirit of their minds and set them free to discover and explore with the intention of bringing something good into this world that can make it a better place. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Provide them with an outlet and allow them the time to cultivate their ideas. It could be a ‘Mastermind Monday’ where they get to spend a couple hours sharing with their colleagues or you can invest a few executive hours to advise them on how to flush our their ideas.
  2. Sponsoring or investing in ideas that have gotten to heights of success that is near ready for the world-stage. Let’s be honest, true entrepreneurs are not sitting back and waiting for you to give them permission. Chances are they have something going in their garage and your investment could be just what they need to get it off the ground or just what YOU need to classify as an organization investing in world-changing innovations.
  3. Provide more flexibility that would allow for working on innovative products or services and with you as the primary or major investor, it’s a win-win
  4. Let your guard down. It’s a risky tactic, but it’s risk that makes a business learn and grow. Open yourself up and loosen the noose of policies and processes that restrict and stifle the innovation from getting in and out of the organization.

Intention: To Create Change

At the end of the day, you might be worth millions, but you can be worth so much more. Many of the minds, bodies and souls that operate your organization are brimming with ideas and innovations that if you only knew how to harvest and nurture what lives inside of them, it would propel you into another dimension of prosperity.

Not to mention, the impact you will create through a ripple effect that will extend to the economy, communities, cities your country and even the entire world. This is not only possible, but it’s so doable and the beginning of creating change.

* https://blog.usievents.com/en/salim-ismail-exponential-organizations

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